Why compete with E-Riders?

E-Riders is an online platform enabling riders to compete against others all over the world from the comfort of their own arena. 

We provide E-Rider and British Dressage tests for you to choose from. With classes, leagues, championships and team events!

You can also become an E-Rider member for FREE and start collecting affiliated E-Rider Points when you enter our classes!

Enter - Film & Upload - Await the famous results day!
Receive your handwritten test sheets in the post with a sweet treat and hopefully rosettes & prizes!

First Time Competing Online?

Click below to find out how to get started in 3 easy steps!

Check out our scheduel HERE

Make sure to read our RULES PAGE so you know which section to enter!

Create your Horse ID HERE

If it's your first entry, your Rider ID will be allocated after you enter

Once decided enter under our SHOP PAGE

It is really easy to film your test and upload!

Head to the RULES PAGE and have a read of the how to record & how to upload sections

Make sure you don't leave uploading your test till the last minute if your internet isn't very speedy!

Once you have uploaded your video your job is done!

Sit back, relax & await results day! It is usually the day after video upload deadline.

You will find the results posted throughout the day on our Facebook Page and then all results will be uploaded to our Results Portal where they will be linked to your Rider profile & Horse Profile so you can keep track of previous scores and E-Points!


It's so easy to take part...simply choose your classes from our shop, read through the rules page to avoid any filming blips and then get ready to rumble!



Will you be aiming for our Championships?

We run Summer and Winter Championships every year!

To qualify you will need to gain 3 scores of 63% or above at the same level in the qualifying period.

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      Are you a Team Player?

      Who would be in your ideal Team? The benefit of competing in Team events online is that you don't need to be at the same yard as your team mates....hey - you don't even need to be in the same country!

      We run Team Events and a rolling Team Tournamant! So make sure you've rallied those troops and start racking up those points. Remember.....points make prizes!!


      Get a friend to film you riding your test, upload it via any of the upload options (check rules page) and then sit back, relax and wait for your marked test sheets to arrive in the post! With hopefully a rosette and prize too!

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