Winter Championships - 2019

Take part in our qualifying classes between Jul19 and Nov19 and gain 3 scores at the same level of 63% to be invited to the Winter Online Championship in Dec19/Jan20.

Qualifying Classes

*Ring A & B classes (exc. medium level)

*Ring D - Veterans Classes

*Ring F - Team Events

*Ring H - BRC Classes

Ring J - Riding School Classes

You can only compete in one level of the Championships

Have you qualified?

Once you have qualified and received your qualification email then you are all ready to enter!

There will be 2 tests that you will need to record and submit (2 seperate videos) - each will be judged by a different BD listed judge and then the average % score of both tests will be your Championship score. 

**Everyone who competes in the Championship classes will receive a stable plaque to proudly attach to their ponies stables! **