Summer Championships - 2019

Kindly Sponsored by Hi Form -

Take part in our qualifying classes between Jan19 and May19 and gain 3 scores of 63%+ at the same level  to be invited to the Summer Online Championship in June19.

Download your Qualifier stamp card before entering here -

*Intro Championship

*Prelim Championship

*Novice Championship

*Elementary Championship

***You may only enter one Championship Level***

Lots of prizes to be won!

Sahes to all Champions! Rosettes all the way to 10th place!

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Champion Prizes

  • 1kg pot of Hi Form Oxydane & Personal Consultation with Hi Form Expert
  • Brownn Someh Grooming Bag and matching Bandage bag
  • HiForm Cap
  • E-Rider Polo
  • Horse Treats
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Reserve Prizes

  • E-Rider Polo
  • E-Rider Cap
  • Horse Treats
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Reserve's Reserve Prizes

  • E-Rider Cap
  • Horse Treats

Have you qualified?

Once you have qualified and received your qualification email then you are all ready to enter!

Enter your class here - 

There will be 2 tests that you will need to record and submit (2 seperate videos) - each will be judged by a different BD listed judge and then the average % score of both tests will be your Championship score. 

Intro A & Intro C

Prelim 14 & Prelim 7

Novice 28 & Novice 24

Elementary 49 & Elementary 44

**Everyone who competes in the Championship classes will receive a stable placque to proudly attach to their ponies stables! **

Deadline for entries - 5th June 2019

Deadine for videos - 30th June 2019

The videos MUST be for the Championship classes only - you MUST VERBALLY INTRODUCE with your name, horses name and E-Rider Summer Championships 2019!!




Winter Championships - 2019

Take part in our qualifying classes between Jul19 and Nov19 and gain 3 scores at the same level of 63% to be invited to the Winter Online Championship in Dec19.

Download your Qualifier stamp card before entering here -