Edward Chitty

Over my time with horses I first started competing in British Showjumping with ponies. However once my horse got injured and was unable to jump I focused more on dressage. I enjoy training horses my favourite movements to train are tempi changes and pirouettes. Due to a repeat reoccurrence of injuries my horse has been retired however I’m now able to still keep my interest in dressage up by competing and riding others horses and judging.

I am one of the UK’s youngest judges (BD List 6) and am working towards my UKCC with British Showjumping. I’m currently teaching at my local riding school and BHS examination centre,teaching all abilities and ages.

I study mathematics at King’s College London and work with horses when I’m not studying.

Qualifications - British dressage list 6, working towards a UKCC with British showjumping.

Favourite chocolate - Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut

Favourite film - War Horse.

Pets -Kia (148cm Grey TB x Connemara 14 years old) -Pickle ( 4 year old, Beagle)

Afraid of - Nothing