Jane Atack

I am a UKCC level 2 accredited coach and list 4 dressage judge. I have ridden from the age of 5 but didn't get my own horse until I started work. In the early days I did a bit of eventing but having driven home from an event feeling as sick as I did driving to it I realised it wasn't for me. I have bred and shown horses at County level having done hunters, riding horses and Part Bred Arabs. I felt dressage was the natural progression for my horses from showing but it rapidly took over and became my passion. A life changing riding accident in 1998 put me in a wheelchair for 2 years and on crutches for seven. The enforced down time provided me with the opportunity to start my judge training journey.
I currently have 3 horses. Sundance my former para ride, now retired, Webster the quirky chestnut and Zantino my self harming, high maintenance bay. I am fortunate to have them at home and keep them in the manner they think they deserve by having a day job as a funeral arranger.
My favourite chocolate has to be Hotel Chocolat salted caramel.
Favourite film...A tough one. Can't decide between The Shawshank Redemption or City of Angels.
Favourite book: I am Pilgrim

My pets...Well it has been said I am one cat short of being a mad cat lady. We have Princess Sydney, Sweetpea, Witwit, Sylvester and Felix. The cats are mostly rescue or found our house and moved in!
I have a huge bear of a German Shepherd call Rufus who came from Jerry Green dog rescue.
Afraid of? People. No other species on earth does more damage to each other or it's habitat.

Oh....and my favourite drink is champagne!