Qualified Riders

Intro Juniors

Amelia Storey & Neo
Connie Jeffery & My Lady Vanity
Darcie Jones & Drum Carlo
Ella Macculloch & Dark Before Dawn
Emily Barningham & Fudge Boy
Evie Klemm & Rspca Bam Bam
Faith Rimmer & Bunbury Solo
Florrie Heritage & Finnn
Hazel Dardis & Sebastian Earl Grey
Jess Hall-Miller & Rspca Lucky
Jessica Lewis-Williams & Thomson Brook Aleksander
Kim Yates & Mr Edd
Leila Woodgate & Jester The Joker
Lilia Grace Minasi & Archie Lgm
Lilly Stark & Shy Ocknell Amber Light
Lily Chaplin-Gray & Vf Harry
Lily Pett & Trixy
Lily Pett & Wes
Lily Thompson & Black Moon Rising
Lola Luscher & Rokko
Mia King Allum & Monarch
 Niamh James-Drennan & Kimblewick'S Jinny
Penny Swift & Riding School Horse
Poppy King Allum & Joyton Brandy Buck
Rachel Hunt & Crystal Shamilla
Rosie Spradbury & Violet Bc
Scarlett Demello & Aimee
Scarlett Heathcote & Dekota Breeze
Sky Thomas & Indigo Sky


Prelim Juniors

Alys Smith & Rollo
Amelie West & Who'S The Boss
Ava Forrest & Unique Iii
Brooke Miller & Solo
Charlotte Stokes & Rspca Dawson (Pip
Chloe Rush & Mattie Man
Elsie-Mai Laws & Archie Laws
Ethan Winning & Jasper W
Evie Klemm & Rspca Bam Bam
Gabrielle Bedke Nogar & Duvalier
Grace Winterton & Flickerbay
Hollie Hemmings & Little O'Reilly
Keeley Mitcham & Princess Peanut
Lauren Davies & Penyffynon Rain Dance
Lily Pett & Ash
Lily Pett & Wes
Lola Luscher & Rokko
Maggie Maloney & Rockyview Spirit
Matthew Drury & Rspca Bizzy
Millie Warnes & Havenstreet Standing Ovation
Mollie Smith & Maisie Moo
Phoebe Ward & Dolly
Phoebe Ward & Ginny
Rose Turner & Hippo
Rosie Edwards & Spring Hall Merlin
Sophie Armstrong & Little Cloud
Tamsin Cox & Lady Saffron

Qualifying Classes

Ring A - Main Arena - Juniors
Ring B - British Dressage - Juniors
Ring J - Riding School - Juniors

Split Sections

We will run Championships for the following sections - 

Intro Juniors
Prelim Juniors

Everyone who enters our Championships will receive a stable plaque!

Rosettes for 1st - 10th place

Champion Prizes
Champion Rosette & Sash
Hartley Attire Grooming Box
Sweets & Horse Treats

Reserve Champion
Reserve Champion Rosette
Hartley Attire T-Shirt & Cap
Sweets & Horse Treats

Reserve's Reserve Champion
Reserve's Reserve Champion Rosette
Hartley Attire Socks & Cap
Sweets & Horse Treats


There will be 2 tests that you will need to record and submit (2 separate videos) - each will be judged by a different BD listed judge and then the average % score of both tests will be your Championship score. 

Everyone who competes in the Championship classes will receive a stable plaque to proudly attach to their ponies stables! 


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Let us tell you who we are!

Hartley Attire was created in 2020 by Stephanie Hartley. Following in the footsteps of her grandparents, Stephanie is a passionate horsewoman and entrepreneur. Steph wishes to inspire people through the Hartley Attire brand and create a legacy of good memories linked to country life, family and animals.



Our designs are different, fun and unique. We aspire to bring class, mixed with a little bit of sass and heap loads of happiness and joy through well designed equestrian and country clothing.

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The Grooming Box

Bespoke and beautiful grooming boxes, made from high quality materials, that will easily please all expectations when it comes to durability, beauty and style! Available in 3 carefully selected colours and in 2 different sizes.

  • A robust stylish grooming box for your horse
  • Easily store all your grooming equipment
  • Beautiful, shiny and easy to keep clean
  • Strong hard aluminum framed exterior
  • Handy removable storage tray, to store smaller items
  • Lined with a shock absorbing foam for extra protection
  • Clip-fastening lid
  • Key-lockable for privacy
  • Hartley Attire branding metal plate on the the front and logo on the inside lid
  • Comes in two sizes; Large (32 x 25 x 25cm) and Extra Large  (40 x 31 x 32cm)