Riding Clubs League

E-Riders Online Dressage Competitions are now running an E-Riders Riding Club League! Meaning anyone from your Riding Club can join in. It's a great way to get more involved with your club especially if you struggle with transport, get the competition nerves or struggle with time commitments of booking shows. 

  • Great Rosettes & Trophies
  • Earn team league points PLUS individual points


Fill out the form below to request your Riding Club to be approved by E-Riders to join in.!

E-Riders Riding Club Form

Riding Club Leaderboard

How points are awarded for the Club...

Any rider placed 1st - 10th in any of the 4 levels will earn points for their club. 1st = 10 points, 2nd = 9 points etc. 

The Club will also gain 1 extra bonus point for EVERY rider entered in each months competitions.

Riders will also gain points towards an individuals league at each level - click below!

Kentisbeare Riding Club - 271
Tannoch Stables Riding Club - 263
Solent RC - 173
South Oxfordshire Riding Club - 147
West Surrey Riding Club - 124
Towy Valley Riding Club - 95
Dyffryn Paith Riding Group - 59
National Forest Riding Club - 48
Bedlington and Blyth District Riding Club - 48
Vale of Aeron Riding Club - 47
South East Scotland Dressage Group - 37
South Durham Saddle Club - 36
Tumpy Green Riding Club - 35
Shillington RC - 34
Worcester & District Riding Club - 27
Bicester Riding Club - 17
Rayleigh & District Riding Club - 16
Hereford & District Riding Club - 4
Cambridge and District Riding Club - 1
Tyne And Wear Riding Club - 1