E-Riders Championships

Every year we hold a Winter & Summer Championships for you to work towards!

Summer Championships
Qualifying Period - December - May 
Championships in June

Winter Championships
Quaifying Period - June - November
Championships in December

Take part in our qualifying classes (see below) during the qualifying periods and gain 3 scores at the same level of 63% to be invited to the Championships! 

Qualifying Classes

Ring A - Main Arena Classes
Ring B - BD Classes (excluding DTM)
Ring C - RoR League Classes
Ring H - Riding Club Classes
Ring J - Riding School League

Split Sections

We will run Championships for the following sections-

Intro Restricted
Intro Open
Prelim Restricted
Prelim Open
Novice Restricted
Novice Open
Elementary Open
Medium / Ad Med Open
Advanced / PSG / Inter 1 / Inter 2

If the average of your top 3 qualifying scores are over 68% (67% for Elementary) you will be in the Open section for the Championships.

Everyone who enters our Championships will receive a stable plaque!

Rosettes for 1st - 10th place

Champion Prizes
Champion Rosette & Sash
Rug, Saddlepad, Poloshirt & Baseball Cap
Sweets & Horse Treats

Reserve Champion
Reserve Champion Rosette
Saddlepad, Poloshirt & Baseball Cap
Sweets & Horse Treats

Reserve's Reserve Champion
Reserve's Reserve Champion Rosette
Poloshirt & Baseball Cap
Sweets & Horse Treats


There will be 2 tests that you will need to record and submit (2 separate videos) - each will be judged by a different BD listed judge and then the average % score of both tests will be your Championship score. 

Everyone who competes in the Championship classes will receive a stable plaque to proudly attach to their ponies stables! 


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Horse Insurance

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Tack and saddlery up to £5,000 per horse
Public liability up to £5million per incident
Legal protection up to £50,000 per incident
Personal accident insurance & dental treatment for riders and handlers of your horse
First-class 24-hour emergency telephone helpline
A range of excess options ranging from £135 – £500

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Horsebox Insurance

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