Alexandra Nicholls & Just Uniek
Alice Gatfield & Milland Angus
Alison Kenward & Salvation
Annabelle Beach & Irish Charm
Becca Maher & Abanderada Xi
Carly Critchley & Devada Desert Storm
Claire Quinney & Boycie
Clare Skelton & Glencarrig Rebecca
Diane Barlow & Dolly B
Elizabeth Soames & Dude
Emma Sansom & Moveen River
Georgia Green & Cognac
Jacqueline Mallender & Merri
Janice Penman & Lexi
Kacey Goddard & Melody
Katie Boothby & Ellie May
Katy Owen-Reece & Soberton Pandora
Loviisa Rähn & Atomic
Matt Gaunt & Tsjitse Ap
Mel Cooke-Dunlop & Timothy
Molly Turner & Flossie Nolder
Rebecca Middleton & Ailleagan Of Soay
Ruth Carpenter & Adriano
Sammi Nisbet & Swordale Brodie
Sarah Bunting & Follywood Mae Queen
Sarah Halliday & Candee
Shelley Stevens & Governor Of Bridewell
Sue Saunders & Indian Moon
Tiffany Harvey & Thornwick Rommel

Amanda Hendy & Alstone Lilly
Ann Krummeck & Prince Poitr
Ellie Matthews & Jester 96
Emily Melbourne & Marlestons Oakey Dokey
Georgia Green & Cognac
Jessica Austin & Lord London
Jo Jenkins & Western Dunn
Julia Jaeger & Taz Iv
Kara Walker & Rolesco
Katie Boothby & Ellie May
Katie Hacche & Simply Sensational
Krista Rams & Nyla K
Monique Klaui & Burning Desire
Pam Joynes & Twister
Shelley Finlan & Arnie
Steph Lycett & April V
Tilley Ray & Calahonda Pride

Barbara Jenkins & Ardlea Monty Star
Hannah Honour & Beneton
Hannah Hughes & Goodwill
Katie Boothby & Ellie May
Laura Hodkinson & Mr Ginger Ben
Lilly Goverd & Boston Flyer
Liz Handford & Horlicks
Lucy Beamish & Mr Bowman
Shelly Dixon & Zabio
Sophie White & Fiery Gin
Stacey Little & Little Indian Warrior
Susie Flook & Mumtaz Begum
Susie Flook & The Belle Of The Ball

Elem/Med/Ad Med
Amy Jackson & Tempest Prince Regent
Donna Venables & Lotty
Gill Botten & Ringwould Ulysses
Hayley Goode & Wild Design
Heidi Carr & Dalesman Of Combebank
Jo Street & Cape Gigi
Karin Springer-Tolhuis & Saskia
Kerry Dunne & Rolo
Liz Handford & Steppers Queeny
Luan Crawford & Merkur
Moira Richardson & Dunhoofin Able Bouncer
Sandra Power & Brock Bright Dawn
Sophie Hunter-Smith & Talkland Banner

Qualifying Classes

Ring D - Veteran Horse Classes

Split Sections

We will run Championships for the following sections - 

Elementary/Medium/Ad Med

Everyone who enters our Championships will receive a stable plaque!

Rosettes for 1st - 10th place

Champion Prizes
Champion Rosette & Sash
£80 Equilibrium Voucher
Sweets & Horse Treats

Reserve Champion
Reserve Champion Rosette
£50 Equilibrium Voucher
Sweets & Horse Treats

Reserve's Reserve Champion
Reserve's Reserve Champion Rosette
£20 Equilibrium Voucher
Sweets & Horse Treats


There will be 2 tests that you will need to record and submit (2 separate videos) - each will be judged by a different BD listed judge and then the average % score of both tests will be your Championship score. 

Everyone who competes in the Championship classes will receive a stable plaque to proudly attach to their ponies stables! 


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Equilibrium Massage

Massage has been shown to improve flexibility and promote relaxation in horses.

Tension is often one of the most common reasons for poor performance in horses and by increasing relaxation and improving back flexibility, the negative effects of tension can be reduced!

Like us, most horses can benefit from a massage session but maintaining a healthy back through massage can help prevent performance inhibitors such as stiffness, hollowness, shortened stride length, or in more serious cases napping, bucking and rearing.

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Supplements & Treats

From Crunchits to Munch Blocks, Equilibrium has your horse covered for some yummy treats.

Crunchits - Taste the CRUNCH with these low sugar, molasses free horse treats bursting with natural flavours and suitable for horses prone to laminitis.

Munch Blocks - Keep your horse occupied for longer with this high fibre, low sugar fibre block, which is bursting full of tasty meadow herbs and nutritious vitamins and minerals.